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ONEHEALTH PLAN is a community-based solution to combat rising health care costs and is powered by top tier local providers UofL Hospital, Jewish Hospital, Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Peace Hospital and Shelbyville Hospital as well as University of Louisville Physicians and other local independent primary and specialty practices, and a national wrap network, to allow plan participants to seek care at a provider of their own choice.

ONEHEALTH PLAN is a unique health plan that improves healthcare cost by addressing your plan’s primary cost drivers. Our solution is the result of a collaborative effort by some of the nation’s most innovative, well-respected healthcare organizations and population health management programs. Together we have created an integrated approach that allows employers to control healthcare costs from every angle.



ONEHEALTH PLAN provides a balanced integration of the cost of healthcare and efficient care delivery by working to ensure improved health outcomes and lower total costs, ensuring the greatest return on your employer healthcare investment.

AHDI has five different statistically validated ROI studies performed in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014, and 2021.  All support a consistent and increasing reduction of medical spending between 11-17%.




High quality, cost effective physicians.

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OneHealth Plan provides access to over 3,599 of the best local physicians and the finest healthcare facilities in Kentucky.

Additional provider network access is available through the First Health Complimentary network locally and nationally to provide access across the US. To achieve the highest level of benefits always use a ONEHEALTH PLAN provider.

ONEHEALTH PLAN includes a comprehensive network of physicians, hospital, and ancillary providers including out-of-network benefits to ensure adequate access for all participating members while driving them to the lowest available cost for employers without the risk of balance billing that typically accompanies cost-plus arrangements.

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ONEHEALTH PLAN is an integrated healthcare management system that delivers high quality, cost effective results. Combining the skills of highly trained healthcare providers and facilities, benefit plan administration, risk management and population health professionals to provide COMPLETE healthcare effectiveness. Results are better simply because everyone is working on the same team!

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