UofL Health FAQs

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What is The OnePlan?

The OnePlan is a medical insurance plan offered by UofL Health to its employees and their dependents. The plan is administered by our insurance partner, Key Benefit Administrators.

Does it work just like regular health insurance?

Yes. The OnePlan works the same way other health insurance plans work, with one exception: The OnePlan does not have a Tier 2 network. All services must be provided by a Tier 1 provider.

Who are Tier 1 providers?

All UofL physicians and UofL Health facilities are considered Tier 1 providers. The OnePlan features several other Tier 1 partner providers as well, including:


  • Allergy & Asthma and ENT Providers
  • Family Allergy & Asthma Advanced Allergy & Asthma

Behavioral Health

  • Brock Family Therapy
  • Kilgore Samaritan
  • Lifestance
  • Meridian Behavioral Health Shelby Counseling


  • Associates in Dermatology


  • Kleinert & Kutz


  • Norton Children’s hospital, its providers, and pediatric urgent care locations
  • One Peds


  • First Urology

Do I have a copay?

Yes, there is a co-pay every time you see a provider, including UofL physician providers.

  • Primary care visits = $10 co-pay
  • Specialty providers = $25 co-pay

Why did I receive a call or a letter from a company called "American Health Data Institute"?

The American Health Data Institute is part of the Key Benefit Family of companies. AHDI works closely with members who are diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. AHDI’s team of well-trained nurses offer you or a dependent guidance and assistance for navigating chronic conditions. Chronic Disease Management is a vital resource and a free benefit to users of this plan.

What if I require care or services UofL Health cannot provide?

You or your ordering provider can call the number on the back of your insurance card and initiate a network exception request. If it is determined that UofL Health cannot provide the service, a network exception will be considered. If it is determined that there is a UofL Physicians provider or UofL Health department that can provide the requested service, you will be directed to the appropriate department for care.

What if I have a dependent that lives more than 50 miles outside of Louisville or is away at college?

Great news: they’re covered! The plan includes a robust wrap network called First Health, a Tier 1 provider that covers your dependents. Go to FirstHealth.com to find a provider in their area. Please note that the provider must be in the First Health network to be covered.

What if me or my dependent are traveling?

You and your dependents are covered while traveling. Use the First Health network mentioned above to find a provider to care for you while traveling.

Note: medical emergencies are always covered at the nearest emergency department.

Procedures, labs, major medical imaging and rehab that is ordered from a Tier 1 partner must be performed at a UofL Health facility.

For additional information or questions about UofL Health – The OnePlan for employees and their dependents, please contact Benefits@UofLHealth.org.